Baby Back Ribs (part one) – Food Saver


Our family loves baby back ribs!  Whenever we find them at a restaurant, we buy them.  I found a great deal on these at Sam’s Club and have found a way to make them that makes it so easy.  This first post is about the deal and preparing them for the freezer.  My next post will show you how to make them very easily in a pressure cooker and the best sauce I found to make them finger licking good.

First I found these in the meat section with a sign announcing a $2.99/lb price, but I found this one package marked at $2.49/lb.  That is the most I want to spend on any meat.  I usually try for $1.99/lb., but in this economy it is hard to find.   Anyway I cut them into half racks and it turned out to be about $4 half rack, which is cheaper than eating at McDonalds per person.

Before you cut them in half you have to remove what is called the silver skin or membrane from the back.  I do this by sliding the knife under it on one end, then I take a paper towel and put it off.  It should come off in one piece.  It is very slimy and slippery.  This is the yucky part, but these ribs are worth it.

After removing the membrane, you can cut each whole rack in half.  I make a large bag with my food sealer from the 11″ wide roll.  I then put 3 half ribs in it and seal.  They then can be put in the freezer for future cooking.


Please look for my next post where I will thaw, cook in the pressure cooker, baste with bbq sauce and broil these to perfection.  MMMM, MMMM, MMMM, I can taste them now!

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  1. Mmm Baby Back Ribs! We’re glad you found a great deal on such a yummy meal. Thank you for shopping with Sam’s Club. – Ramona from Sam’s Club

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