Baby Back Ribs (Part Two)


Last time I posted about my great deal on baby back ribs from Sam’s Club and how to seal them for the freezer.  Tonight I will focus on cooking them.  I bought a pressure cooker a few months back and have really liked being able to cook meals quickly.  Normally baby back ribs take 4 hours to make in the oven, but in the pressure cooker they take an hour.  So it really is a time saver.   To make these you will need baby back ribs, Bullseye Kansas City bbq sauce, 2 tsp liquid smoke (optional), 1 cup of water and an electric pressure cooker.

You will first need to defrost your ribs, at least enough to separate them.  Mine were still partially frozen.  Put the rack in the bottom of the pressure cooker (it should come with one).  Pour in 1 cup of water and 2 tsp of liquid smoke if using it.    Put your ribs in on end, so that the bone is standing up.

Put the lid on your pressure cooker and set the dial to seal.  You are going to pressure cook these on high for 60 minutes.  Maybe you could do them for less time if you don’t like them falling off the bone or if your ribs are smaller.  When the ribs are done in the pressure cooker, you can release the pressure and remove the ribs.  I put some foil on my baking sheet and put the ribs on a cooling rack.

I then used a pastry brush to baste the ribs in the bbq sauce.

I then put them under the broiler in my oven until the bbq sauce bubbled up.  That’s it, they are ready to eat.

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