Soap Savings


Since I love to save money, I decided to find a way to spend fewer dollars on something that we are literally washing down the drain…hand soap.  Here is my method.  I know it seems like a no-brainer, but it took me awhile to get with the program, so I figured maybe it would be an aha moment for someone else.  First of all I bought hand soap in foaming dispensers from the store.  It is important to get the foaming ones, because the soap goes even further.  They cost me about $1.50 each.  When they were empty, I went out and bought 2-64 oz. hand soap refills.  I keep them under the sink in the bathroom and when I am out of hand soap, I just measure 3 Tablespoons of soap into the dispenser.  Then I fill slowly with water to about 1 inch to the top.  I put my lid back on and shake well.  With this method I am saving so much money.  I can get a lot of refills out of one bottle and I got both bottles for $8.   I am guessing that I am getting at least 64 refills or more per $4 bottle (instead of $64 for 64 small bottles).

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