Potatoes and Hot Dogs Recipe


Ok, I am going to share one of my Mom’s secret recipes, but don’t worry she said I could share it.  She has been making this since I was little and who knows how long before.  It was always one of my favorites and still is.  We always just called it Potatoes and Hot Dogs, but I have seen something similar online called Poor Man’s Supper.  When my mother made this recipe, she used Crisco to fry it in, but I have changed it to Extra Virgin Olive Oil to try and save us all from clogged arteries.   It really hasn’t changed the taste any, so it works for us.

Also, just as a side note, these hot dogs are way cheaper at our local Walmart than they are at the grocery store.  I used Russet potatoes and I must say that these are the biggest potatoes I have EVER bought (I got a 15 lb bag at Sam’s Club).  The picture I took was of 4, but I only used 3 since I underestimated the amount I would get from one of these potatoes.

Lastly, I have also added garlic from the jar to this recipe at times.  I usually do this when one of us is sick.  I think the garlic helps us get over the cold faster.

Here’s the recipe:

Potatoes and Hot Dogs

6-7 regular size potatoes (or 3 huge potatoes like I had)

1 small onion diced or about 1/4 to 1/2 cup frozen diced onions

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 package of hotdogs (we really like the Ballpark Frank hotdogs)

Salt and Pepper to taste

Electric Skillet

Oh, I forgot to put the hot dogs in the picture, so here’s a picture of them.

First you will need to add enough EV Olive Oil to the bottom of your electric skillet and tilt until the entire bottom the pan has some olive oil on it and then put your onions in.

Skin your potatoes and slice on top of the onions.  And turn your pan on to 350 degrees.

Salt and pepper.  I keep salting and peppering as I go, the potatoes take a lot of salt to taste right.

Put the lid on and let cook for about 7-8 minutes, then stir.  Continue to do this periodically.  You will need to cook these for about 30 minutes if you have any large potatoes like I did.  Especially if you keep taking the lid off to stir.  The steam that builds up helps to cook the potatoes.

At about 25 minutes into the cooking of the potatoes, you will take the hot dogs and cut them into bite size pieces into the pot and then stir.

At 30 minutes from the start the potatoes should be browned and cooked through, and the hot dogs will be browned also.  This is what it will look like then.  Yummy!  Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for the sliced potatoes idea. We had this for dinner once a week when I was growing up. (I am now a senior citizen). The only thing we do different is we diced the potatoes. Your way is so much quicker.

    The picture of the dinner looks so good, I am going to make it tonight. My husband loves this, and I haven’t made It in months.

    Thank you for bringing back such good memories, in the time when the kitchen table and dinner was a great time!

    Happy cooking,

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