Preparing for Sandy


Here in PA we are preparing for Sandy to hit.  I was concerned when I saw the it will cross right over us and then up to NY.  I have been spending my time over the past few days making sure we have all that we need.  We still do not have a generator and should have bought one a long time ago.  It is too late at this time to purchase one, so we are hoping that our power doesn’t go out.  I have a sterno camp stove to heat our food on, so if any power outages are short lived we should be fine.  I have been cooking and freezing food so that we have things to heat up and eat.
Some things that I made:

Taco meat 2 Qt, Spaghetti Sauce Meat Mix 2 Qt., Chicken Enchiladas, Eclair, Thrive Peach Drink (I mixed this in a 2 Qt. container)

I also have Thrive food which is freeze dried and we can just add water and heat up.  Or with the freeze dried fruits, we can just eat it out of the can.

Here is a picture of my new “pantry” of freeze dried Thrive foods:

I also took some pictures of how I froze my taco and spaghetti sauce meat mix:

Well the winds are starting to pick up here.  I may post my chicken enchilada recipe soon, if the power doesn’t go out first.  I am praying for all those in the path of this storm.  Stay safe.

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