Superman Birthday Cake


I wanted to share with you my latest adventure in the kitchen.  I agreed to make a superman birthday cake for a little boy that is turning 3.  His grandmother gave me a superman cake pan from 1977.  I realized at the time that I know absolutely nothing about decorating a character cake, but I said I would try.  I first looked online and discovered that these cake pans come with a plastic face and shield, so I promptly bought them so that I didn’t have to make the face.  I got these in the mail quickly, and I was so grateful since I was making this cake in less than a week.

I also bought a Wilton cake decorating kit, some cake boards and a cake box.  The directions I found on the internet said to bake one cake in the mold at 350 degrees, but gave no clue as to how long to bake it.  I decided to bake for the time on the box for a 9 x 13 inch pan.  I think this may have been too long, because the cake seemed to be dry on the edges.  I guess we will find out for sure when we eat it.

I then made the icing per the directions and colored the red icing first.   It didn’t really look right when I was decorating it, but I pressed on as time was of the essence.  At about 11 o’clock at night I only had the cape and the body decorated and I was so tired I was delirious.  I really wanted to finish it though, so I made an executive decision to change the color scheme.  Who will care that his belt is red, not yellow and that he is wearing white gloves instead of his bare hands, right?  I know that it is not perfect,  I see all the spaces between my stars, but I think if I try again in the future I may get better at the decorating.  I think next time I will try a wedding cake, lol, only kidding!  Here is the cake:

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