Mashed Potatoes in the Pressure Cooker


I have to admit that this is not my original idea.  I was watching Chef Brad on his Fusion Grain Cooking show and he mentioned on his Thanksgiving special that you could make mashed potatoes quickly in the pressure cooker, so I thought I would try it.   I love my electric pressure cooker, because it makes my life so much easier when it comes to cooking.

My ancestors on my dad’s side of the family came from Ireland, so I guess my veins run with anything potato.  I happen to love mashed potatoes and now I am spoiled with how easy they are to make in the pressure cooker.  Usually the problem with making them the normal way is all the peeling, cutting and the long boiling time.  Now,  you still have to peel them, but I was able to cut them into a lot larger chunks and they came out perfect.  And now I don’t have to watch a boiling pot, Yahhh!  Here is the “recipe”:

Mashed Potatoes in the Electric Pressure Cooker


5-6 regular sized potatoes peeled and cut into large 1″ thick slices (I used 3 very large russet potatoes)

1 cup of water

1/2 stick of butter (for a large batch for Thanksgiving you can use 1 stick)

Milk to desired consistency

salt and pepper to taste (with potatoes you need a lot of salt to make them taste great):


I put the chunks of potatoes in my pressure cooker and added 1 cup of water.  I then put the lid on and set the pressure cooker on high pressure for 7 minutes, put the switch on the top to seal and hit start.  When they were done I left them sit for a minute or two and then quick released the pressure by turning the dial to vent (wear an oven mitt on your hand to keep from getting burned with the steam).  When the pressure is totally released you will be able to remove the lid.  I then poured the contents into a colander.

Then I put my potatoes from the colander into my Bosch mixer with the whipping beaters on, along with my butter and salt and pepper.  I turned the Bosch on to 3 or the highest setting.  When I thought the potatoes were mixed and mashed well enough, I added some milk to make them nice and creamy.  You will need to decide how much is a good amount for you.  I probably used 1/2 cup of milk.  I mixed again on high speed and when done took a spatula and cleaned the sides of the bowl.  If you need to run the mixer again do so now.

I put the potatoes back into the pressure cooker and put them on warm until the rest of my dinner was ready.  I did not take pictures of the whole process, but just the rich creamy leftovers that we had.  I will use them to make potato patties for lunch tomorrow.  I will do that by molding them into patties and dipping in flour and frying in butter until golden brown on both sides.

Now you can make a batch for Thanksgiving and make your cooking a little easier!

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