Salmon Patties Recipe


Here is a recipe that my mom made since I was a little girl.  It uses canned salmon, saltine crackers, and an egg.  It is extremely easy to make and even my husband likes it, now that I found out that he likes it really crispy.  My mom used to pick out all the small bones in the salmon and remove the skin, but I discovered that I could crush the bones and mix the skin into the salmon to make it easier.    I fry it in olive oil, to make it healthier.  Here is the recipe:

Salmon Patties Recipe:

1 can Pink (or red) Salmon

1/2 sleeve of Saltine Crackers crushed

1 egg

Salt and Pepper to taste

Olive Oil


First put the canned salmon in a bowl and thoroughly go through and crush all the bones between your finger and thumb.  Go through it over and over pressing to make sure you get every single bone.

Then crush 1/2 sleeve of saltines on top of the salmon and mix together.

Now add one egg and mix in.

You will now make 5 patties that you shape in the palms of your hands.  You can fry them in olive oil on a medium to medium high heat for about 3-5 minutes on each side.  Salt and pepper each side.

I made this with mashed potatoes (of course) and green bean casserole.  This is what my meal looked like all put together:

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  1. Cooking it now this recipe is better for you in some ways olive oil better just don’t use alot then veg oil or butter and you can just use egg whites

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