Organizing Your Garbage System


In order to keep our house running smoothly, I came up with a system for our garbage.  I thought I would share it here and hope that you will find it useful.  First of all I get tons of plastic bags at the store and wanted to find a way to reuse them.  I bought one of these (basically it is a tube of material with elastic on each end and a loop to hang it) to keep my leftover bags in until I am ready to use them:

I have made Saturday my day to clean my bathrooms and take all of the garbage to the large garbage bag in the kitchen.  This is because my husband takes the garbage out to the curb on Sunday night and the garbage man comes Monday morning.  That way I make sure all of my garbage is collected for the week, and if I forget to do it Saturday, I still have a chance to have it go out for the week if I do it on Sunday afternoon.

I have bought small garbage cans for all the bedrooms and bathrooms.  The bags at the store fit into them perfectly.   When I was a part-time janitor, I learned to store the replacement bags in the bottom of the garbage can underneath the current bag.  I store 4 extra bags in the bottom and change the bag once a week.  Then when I get to the last replacement bag, I know I have to put 4 more in the bottom to get through another month.  This keeps me from running around getting a bag every week when I clean the bathroom.

I then put the current bag in the top and fold it down over the sides of the garbage can.  I take the handles and break them and then use the two pieces of handle to tie a knot to make a tight fit on each side.  Next, I tuck the knots underneath for a neat looking garbage can.

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