Cooked Oat Groats in the Electric Pressure Cooker


Why eat oat groats?  Oat groats are a whole grain, which helps in losing weight.  Oat groats are high in fiber, and help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.  This excites me, since I am always looking for ways to increase fiber and lose weight.  They are a great thing to have on hand for long term food storage, I store mine in a 6 gallon bucket with a gamma lid .  If you order the oat groats in the bucket from Thrive Life they will come in a 6 gallon bucket with the gamma lid.  The uncooked oat groats can also be ground into flour and this flour can be used in baking.

I cook them in my electric pressure cooker, and have been using them in my smoothies in the morning.  The cooked oat groats can also be eaten with some cinnamon, agave nectar and some pure extra virgin coconut oil on them.  I saw how to cook these on the Chef Brad show called “Cooking with Grain” and I used to eat them this way.  I recently realized I could change the flavor and eat more of them if I put them into my smoothies in the morning.  I will do another blog posting in the future of how to make the smoothies with them, but for now I am posting the recipe of how I make them in the electric pressure cooker:

You will need:

1 bottle of purified water (or 2 cups of tap water)

1 cup of oat groats (you can purchase from me at Thrive Life here)

An electric pressure cooker.

Plug your pressure cooker in to the wall and set it to high pressure for 6 minutes (set it to 12 minutes if you don’t have the time to let sit overnight or at least a couple hours).  Before putting on the lid, put the oat groats in and stir for a little while to toast them.  Now you can add the water and put the lid on.  Set it to seal (make sure you do this or they won’t cook right, believe me I know from experience).  You will want to do this at night so that they are ready in the morning when you wake up.  The pressure cooker should turn to warm when they are done cooking.  You can store any leftovers in the fridge.

This is what they will look like when they are done cooking:


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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I like the sound of using the oat groats in smoothies in the morning which would not only act as a healthy snack but will probably fill you up as well which would stop snacking in between meals when on a diet. I’ll definitely be trying this one 🙂

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