Canned Rhubarb Juice


Rhubarb is something that my parents always grew in their yard.  My mom would make rhubarb crisp with it.  I never would try it, the idea of eating something that was pinkish-red didn’t appeal to me.  However, I saw in my recipe book called “The Amish Cook at Home” that I could make rhubarb juice.  I thought this would be something I could mix with other juices and can for storage.   This appealed to me, since I could mix it with 7-up or something for a party or serve if someone drops in.

So, I saw a sign at a local Amish house that simply said rhubarb on it.  I stopped and a girl came to the gate.  She wanted to know how much I wanted, so I told her 4 lbs. since I was planning on making a half batch of this recipe.  She came out with a big bag of it.  I paid a $1 a lb. for it, and to be honest I don’t know if that is a good price or not, but since I don’t know how to grow it, I really had no other choice.  I took it home and washed it and chopped it into 1″ pieces.  She had already cleaned it of the leaves and from what I have heard, the leaves are poisonous, so you don’t want to eat those.

I used the recipe from the cookbook, which is close to the one she has posted online here.   The difference is the amount of pineapple juice that you use.  Mine made 5  & 1/2 quarts with the halved recipe.  I used water bath canning for 5 minutes and my reusable Tattler lids (for the first time).

Here is what my juice looked like after I canned it:

It tastes so good over ice!!

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