Amish Inspired Dining Room Curtains


I love the plain white curtains pulled to one side that some Amish have in their homes. Here is a picture of the curtains I am talking about:


I wanted a similar look for my dining room, so I thought I would go with an off white color. The material is made of duck cloth. I did line it with linen. At Christmas this past year, my mother and step-dad gave us money and I used it to make these curtains:


In my opinion, the duck cloth was difficult to work with, and it made an extremely heavy curtain. I first washed and ironed the material. The duck cloth had many wrinkles in it, so I ironed and steamed them several times. I still see some wrinkles, but it is far better than it was.

I finished the curtains this past summer, and I still love the look. They are basically one panel that is approx. 60 inch. wide and pulled to one side. The window is approximately 36 inc. wide each. I made each panel long enough to reach to the bottom of the window frame.

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