Homemade Despicable Me Minion Pillow


Homemade Despicable Me Minion

Our church’s teen group has a white elephant gift party for Christmas every year.  As you may know the white elephant gift must be made from things that cost no or very little money. 

 We had the yellow felt, the blue fleece, white interface and the buttons, but nothing black.  We went off to the thrift store and found a 50 cent blanket made of black fleece.   We also had two stuffed pillows that were losing their stuffing, so we used that to stuff the little guy.

My son really likes animation, so I thought a minion pillow would be perfect to give as a gift.  My son had the vision to make it the shape of the minion, I was just going to make a small minion and put it on the pillow.  We worked together looking at pictures of the minion and determining how it would be put together and then I used my sewing machine to put the minion  together.  We then stuffed him and put the legs on last.

My son was thrilled with the result and it only cost me about 5 hours and 50 cents.  We stuffed the minion in a bucket and wrapped him for the party.  I hope the new owner enjoys him as much as we did.


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