Flash Freezing Blueberries


What a great time to live in Big Valley.  The Amish are selling blueberries, and I always like to get them, wash and dry them, and then flash freeze them for future use.  We got these at Peachey’s Mountain Blueberries.  They had quart containers for $5 each.  We bought 4 quarts and it filled my colander to the top!  The Amish had cleaned these really well of any stems, I only found 3 stems and only had 3 mushed berries.  Here is just one tray (I had 3 trays) of the blueberries for flash freezing:

  Aren’t they beautiful?  After I flash freeze them for about 1 or 2 hours, I will bag them for storage in the freezer.  Putting them in a single layer once they are dry and flash freezing them, prevents them from sticking together in the bag.  So much better than store bought berries and so, so delicious!

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