Yo-Yo Doll Size Quilt for Christmas Gift


Yo-Yo Doll Size Quilt


I’ve been making this yo yo quilt for a little girl I know who loves dolls.  I had scraps left over from last Christmas, so I used those to make about 190+ yo-yo’s.  This process was time consuming.  I started at Christmas break and just finished the yo-yo’s a few days ago.  However, I wanted to give her something nice and not spend an arm and a leg on it.

I laid out the pattern and started to sew them together by hand.  Then, I saw a blog showing how I could use the sewing machine to tack them together.  This made the assembly a lot easier.

Once the yo-yo’s were all sewn together in my pattern (it used 189 yo-yo’s), I made a backing with material I had.   The final size is approx. 22″ x 15″.

I did buy bias tape and quilt batting which only cost around $4 together.  Since everything else was made from scraps that I already had, this quilt really only cost me the $4.

Now I am in the process of “tying” the yo-yo’s to the quilt backing.  It turns out that this quilt is not perfect, but the little girl that will receive this will love it anyway.  The white yo-yo’s do not show up here very well, but here is a picture of the quilt:

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